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Tryout information:
If you would like to tryout for a Heat Strikers team, and

are not currently playing for a local FYSA club,
email us your name, child's date of birth,
gender, and your phone number. 
[email protected]

Please click HERE to download a tryout form,
and bring the form with you when you tryout.
Forms will also be available at the field.


PPO has teamed up with Squadra Soccer
as our uniform vendor.

Please click HERE to visit the online store.


The PPO Heat Strikers program is our competitive soccer program.  Teams practice primarily on the South side of the Pines Recreation Center.  The Heat Strikers Program is year round.  Teams play in the South Florida United Soccer League, and will attend tournaments throughout the year.  All head coaches hold a coaching license. The program is tryout based.  Boys and girls teams are formed from U7 all the way through U19.  PPO looks to develop players.  We are interested in both experienced soccer players, as well as those with a burning passion to learn and improve at the game.  Our initial fees are among the lowest of all travel programs in South Florida, as one of our goals as an Optimist Club is to make the highest levels of this youth sport within reach to all in our community.

Trying out for the 2019-20 Heat Strikers program:

Tryouts are held on the SOUTH fields of the Pines Recreation Center.  7400 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, 33024.  A parent or guardian must come with the candidate and pre register prior to the start of the first attended session.  Candidates must be on time for each session, and it is advised they come 15 minutes prior to fill out the registration forms.  Each candidate MUST be wearing shin guards and cleats, have a soccer ball, and a water bottle.  The field is located on the South side of the park, back where you can see the Broward College airplane.   After sign in, each player will be given a number to wear at each tryout.  It is highly recommended players attend multiple tryouts in order for the coaches to do an evaluation, which may increase the odds of the player being selected.

All candidates MUST tryout to be offered placement on a team.  This includes players who are now finishing out the 2018-19 season.   Having been placed on team last season does not guarantee an offer to participate for the coming season.

Selected players:

Coaches will directly contact selected players. 
Full payment will be required to secure a roster position if offered.

2019-20 season financial obligations:

The registration fee (paid once per season/year)
to join a  Heat Strikers team is:

$400* for U7 - U8 teams
$410* for U9 - U12 teams
$425* for U13 - U19 teams  

Note* at this point in the season the above fee collected by PPO may be reduced by $120.  However uniform then would NOT be included, and will be purchased directly from our uniform vendor (prices will vary).  This will be determined based on if PPO still has a uniform kit still in stock.  More info will be provided at the time an offer to join a team is extended.

The registration fee includes all basic costs associated with participation in one regular season of South Florida United (the travel league), FYSA carding and insurance, basic PPO expenses, and a  home and away uniform kit with practice shirts (will vary based on our inventory, please see note in paragraph above regarding uniforms).

The fee does not include tournaments, travel expenses, specialized equipment, or outside training.  

The Heat Strikers uniforms are custom printed (sublimated), and really stand out compared to other local teams.   Each kit contains a home and away jersey, shorts, socks, and 2 practice shirts.

Non Pembroke Pines Residents will be charged an out of city fee of $95, which is imposed by the City. Pembroke Pines residents must provide proof of residency at time of registration.  Out of City residents (only) will be given a book of raffles tickets to sell, and allowed to keep the proceeds (which can help offset the out of city fee).

Additional Training / Tournaments:

Many PPO coaches offer PPO soccer players additional training sessions, and competition  opportunities outside of our park. These training sessions are held at a local indoor soccer facility, as well as other venues.   Understand these sessions are fully OPTIONAL, and you need not attend them. Your coach has volunteered to coach your team at least 2x per week, as well as be at league games as required. You are not required to pay any training fees to be on a PPO team. Any fees coaches charge for off site activities is not part of the PPO program. If you choose not to participate in these activities you are not required to pay for them, and your child’s participation in soccer league play will not be effected in any way.

Most teams will attend tournaments through the coming year.  The costs of tournaments vary by age group, and some teams will chose to do more or less than others.  The cost of tournaments is shared evenly by members on the team.  More information on approximate tournament costs will be provided during the tryout / selection process.  Teams will also coordinate fund raising activities to help offset some of these expenses.

Our Staff (partial list - section to be expanded soon):

Please forward any questions about our program to:
[email protected]

Brian Weisman
PPO President &
Soccer Commissioner
E Coaching License

Theresa Weisman

Team Manager Coordinator

Jim Kunath
Director of Coaching
Head Coach
D Coaching License

Juan Campillo
Director of Premier teams 
Head Coach
D Coaching License

Jaime Orellana
Head Coach
Grass Roots Certification

Mark Dieujuste
Girl's Academy Director
Head Coach
E Coaching License

Jordan Chin
Head Coach
Boy's Academy 

Dino Rohoman

Head Coach
E Coaching License

Alex Arcila
Head Coach
E Coaching License

Lorenzo Grebnijw

Special Training
E Coaching License




Recreational vs. Competitive soccer:

Almost all teams that play for PPO do "travel."  This means half of your games are played in our park, while half are also played at other local parks affiliated with our club.  Most of our teams are "Recreational" Piranhas, and will participate in the Greater Hollywood Soccer league.  No tryouts are held, and the program runs from mid November to mid March.  One benefit of playing for PPO is that even our recreational players, who make up apx 70% of our participants, will get to experience the feel of "travel" soccer due to our being part of the Greater Hollywood Soccer League.

Our "Competitive" Heat Strikers program is for the serious soccer player.  Most boy's and girl's travel teams play in the South Florida United league.  Compared to our normal recreational program, competitive player commitment must be higher, training harder, and the financial costs are greater.  Teams will practice year long.  In addition to league games, tournaments will be attended. Tryouts are required to get on a competitive team.  Player development is DEMANDED, and play time must be EARNED.  Being on a competitive team is a big step above our normal recreational program, but is not right for all children.

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